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Bump in the Night

As Mark and Emma drive home, the biggest threat to their safety may not be the ice storm. 

The power just went out, and mating season is about to begin. 


My entry in the latest Shameless Plugs Writing Prompt challenge! Nancy has a new resident in her house, and it's bad news for her granndaughter.

What Wrath Wondered (Flash Fiction)

Scales needs a courier to deliver a very important package. There's only one condition...


Bad dreams are keeping Claire Carvalho awake. But are they hers, or someone else's?

In conjunction with episode 6 of the Shameless Plugs podcast, I'm pleased to present an excerpt from my first novel, Electric Freedom.

Once More

Takeshi will do anything to save his kids. Including taking over other people's lives.

Shooting Stars

In my #PromptPieces entry, when Leo gets framed for murder, he figures out the limits of an alien justice system. 

Writing Document: Chapter Outline

In conjunction with episode 6 of the Shameless Plugs podcast, I present a chapter outline template for my fellow writers. 

Come and See

When the enigmatic Mr. Nicholas hires Scales to procure an item, the payment is anything but routine. 

Escape Velocity
Knuckle Up for Christmas
Long Way Home

My entry in the Shameless Plugs Holiday Writing Prompt challenge! When Santa crashes in the woods, only Knuckles the elf can save the day.

When Chris and Aaron meet for the first time in nearly a decade, their confrontation becomes dinner theater. 

Electric Freedom: Chapter 1 (Excerpt)
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