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Classified Military Biography
J.A. George (Codename: WRITE STUFF) is a propaganda ninja
Civilian Biography





Interest in Taxidermy:

Base of Operations:

Additional Info:

John Alexander George

Older than an infant, younger than a Golden Girl

Not very much

Not very much

Not very much

Cincinnati, OH (They can't all be funny...)

Who am I? I am...

- a wannabe novelist;

- co-host of the Shameless Plugs Podcast

- a movie junkie (seriously, I'll watch and debate anything from Citizen Kane to Snow Dogs);

- a former comic geek who still has gamma-irradiated blood running through his veins;

- a former skater punk who still loves the music (amongst a whole bunch of other genres);

- an office drone (until I get a novel published or the revolution comes. Y'know, whichever.);

- a suburban dad who's still tougher than a Son of Anarchy;

- ...let's call it "ethnically diverse," a.k.a. a good Greek boy and Black to the bone, y'all;

- possibly a Jedi;

- probably Batman; and withOUT question,

- a GOOD GOD! handsome man.

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